• Birth of Company

    Our company started back in 2008 as an importer of laundry detergents from Japan. Why Japan? Well, Japan was the first country to ban the use of household chemicals containing phosphates, becoming the pioneer of safe household chemicals movement worldwide. In addition to importing unfamiliar products to the Ukrainian market for almost a year, we began to work on distributing phosphate-free laundry detergents through retail chains. Epicenter was the first national retail chain to sell safe household chemicals.

  • The Origin of Royal Powder

    In the beginning of the year we made a very challenging and unexpected decision to start the production of safe household chemicals in Ukraine! We invited the best technologists from around the world to join us on our journey. It was crucial for us to create laundry detergent which would be safe (be free of compounds which are aggressive to humans and nature) and be at the same time extremely powerful with regards to tackling household chores. Therefore, only the best technologists with previous experience in developing similar products joined our team. In a matter of six months they succeeded in developing the exact formula that we wanted. Within 6 months they successfully developed a formula that became the basis for our products. We called it ROYAL POWDER! By the end of 2009 we launched our own production line in order to create our first laundry detergent. This was achieved by signing contracts with leading global manufacturers of components for the production of household chemicals. 

  • Brand Rollout

    Although the name of De La Mark, LLC was created in 2008, the brand was brought to real life by 2010. Within these two years, Royal Powder multipurpose laundry detergent became highly demanded by customers who valued phosphate-free detergents. It was a powerful stimulus for the company to expand product range by introducing Royal Powder Baby, the laundry detergent created specifically for washing baby clothes, and Royal Powder White which was created for washing white clothes.

  • Product range expansion

    In 2011 the name of the young company De La Mark became associated with safe and good quality washing by a lot of loyal customers. In order to satisfy demand for our laundry detergents, we expanded our product range. It became possible to achieve perfect results washing coloured clothes with "Royal Powder Color", extend a lifespan of dark clothes with "Royal Powder Black", keep silk and wool clothes in perfect shape and condition with "Royal Powder Delicate" and tackle stubborn dirt with "Royal Powder Professional".

    Besides in 2011 the production of groundbreaking dishwashing liquid with essential oils was launched.

  • Major changes in formulation and first awards

    There was a time when producers of laundry detergents used zeolites as an alternative to phosphates. Over the time it became clear that zeolites have some significant disadvantages: even though zeolites are quite safe for human health, they clog drains as they do not dissolve in water. As a result, European laundry detergent producers gradually started refusing to use zeolites. In 2012 De La Mark came to a conclusion that it should take the same steps and the company completely changed its laundry detergent formulation. Water-soluble and environmentally friendly silicates and carbonates were now used as water softeners in Royal Powder laundry detergents.

    Being confident about producing high quality products, De La Mark took part in National Competition “100 Best Products of Ukraine” in 2012 and became the winner.

  • Additional product range expansion

    As liquid laundry detergents were growing in popularity worldwide, in 2013 De La Mark kept up with the tendency and introduced concentrated phosphate-free liquid laundry detergents.

    A scent of freshly washed linens is in fact very important for a lot of people. In 2013 loyal customers of De La Mark laundry detergents had a chance to enjoy the scent of fabric softeners floral with wooden aroma, floral fruity with amber aroma, floral-green aroma which were formulated to keep clothes exceptionally soft and static-free.

  • At this stage our company is growing and expanding and it gains loyalty in offering environmentally sustainable products.

    De La Mark products were originally designed to be safe for humans and nature. In 2014 the company decided to get the official approval of this fact. In the same year the manufacturing of the product was certified with ISO 14024 which confirmed the products’ environmental sustainability. As a result, De La Mark was the first company among all Ukrainian manufacturers of household chemicals to obtain the "Living Planet" international environmental certificate.».

    In 2014 we introduced our online Royal Powder Shop where customers could buy Royal Powder and De La Mark’s products with no intermediates in between and often at promotional prices.

    The company kept meeting needs of its loyal customers by offering safe household cleaning products. The composition of the products made it possible to use them for kitchen bathroom and toilet room surfaces as well as for surfaces that come in direct contact with food (except aluminum).

    In 2014 the product range of safe laundry detergents expanded and 3-in-1 detergent entered the market. The special property of the detergent was its ability to increase the power of other detergents in stains removal, color fading prevention and oxygen bleaching.

  • Moving non-stop

    In 2015 De La Mark expanded its product range even further and introduced glycerin laundry soap.

    Those customers who used a dishwasher could appreciate a new line of De La Mark’s concentrated phosphate-free dishwasher products which included dishwasher powder, salt and dishwashing rinse aid.

    We have more goals to achieve in the future. Stay with us to keep your home clean and away from dangerous chemicals!

    Do you wonder if there are secret methods used in producing phosphate-free laundry detergents? Honestly, no. Safe household chemicals can be produced even in Ukraine. To achieve this, companies should steer away from a desire to produce and sell a lot of products for a high price using the cheapest ingredients.

    From the very beginning we knew that our target market will consists of deeply caring customers, those customers who look for the best products on the market such as phosphate-free laundry detergents with optimum surfactants content. By 2020 all Ukrainian manufacturers of laundry detergents should renounce the use of phosphates in manufacturing its products. We did not want to wait until then, therefore, we assembled a team of experienced in household chemicals technologists and developed a high quality Ukrainian phosphate-free laundry detergent which is certainly not conceding the quality of popular foreign detergent brands.