Dishwasher salt Royal Powder


Dishwasher salt which is a high purity salt was specifically formulated to be used in dishwashers. Free of insoluble particles. Prevents from limescale build-up at the inner elements of dishwasher and from marks on the dishes. Leaves the dishes sparkling. Environmentally friendly.

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Dishwasher salt contains purified salt that is free of any insoluble particles. The salt’s crystal shape enables it to dissolve quickly and to prevent salt particles from attaching to each other. As a result, the salt keeps the water consistently soft, thereby enhancing the quality of dishwashing experience and extending a dishwasher’s service life.

  • Effectively regenerates ion exchange resins.
  • Purified of any contaminations that could affect ion exchanger operation.
  • Having crystal-form granules, it does not attach together.
  • Offers sparkling clean dishes without white marks and prevents limescale build-up on electric heating elements.
  • Environmentally friendly. The safety of this product was confirmed by the “Living Planet” environmental certificate.


If the dishwasher indicator shows that you need to add salt, fill Dishwasher salt into the appropriate dishwasher dispenser.

To ensure better quality consider using dishwasher rinse aid which is called Cleanser for kitchen.

Dosage for one washing cycle


All raw materials used for Dishwasher salt production undergo rigorous quality control. Dishwasher salt is safe to humans, the environment and the dishwasher:

Ingredient Content, %
White salt More than 99,7

Important! The dishwasher salt was purified from insoluble particles. Do not use for cooking!

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