Eco-friendly detergent DeLaMark 3 in 1


Eco-friendly detergent 3 in 1 DeLaMark is effective due to the high concentration of oxygen bleach based on soda and hydrogen peroxide. In an aqueous solution, the agent forms atomic oxygen, which gently bleaches, discolours stained stains and neutralizes microbes. In this case, the fibers of the fabric do not collapse.

Unlike chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach does not pollute the environment and is safe for people.

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Eco-friendly detergent 3 in 1 DeLaMark does not contain alkali and is suitable for all types of fabrics. Can be used on all washing modes, most effectively in the temperature range from 40 to 95°C.

Adding a 3 in 1 DeLaMark based on an oxygen bleach allows:

  • get an excellent result of washing heavily soiled things;
  • save washing powder;
  • prolong the life of your favorite things, restoring their brightness;
  • give the perfect whiteness to white things;
  • disinfect things if necessary.


The expense for one average washing (4-5 kg of laundry) depends on the degree of contamination of things and the purpose of use.

For daily washing, add 1 measuring spoon of 3 in 1 to the washing powder or gel for washing. To achieve the ideal whiteness of white things, wash with the greatest possible temperature for the fabric.

To wash medium and heavily soiled items, use 2-3 spoons for soaking or prewashing, and use as a main wash conditioner.

To remove spots, dissolve 3 scoops of the remedy with the powder or gel for washing, put the things in the washing solution, let it act for 10 minutes, then rub off the stains to better penetrate the oxygen bleach into the fibers. Leave things in the cleaning solution for another hour, then wash them as usual.

If you need to remove a particularly stubborn stain, wet the tissue with a spot of warm water, apply a small amount of oxygen bleach with a measuring spoon and let it act for 10-20 minutes. Rinse and wash the thing as usual.

Use the table to choose the right amount of detergent 3 in 1 DeLaMark:

Dosage for one washing cycle (4-5 kg)

Soiling degree Machine washing Manual washing (per 10 l of water) Stain removing
Slight 20 ml 20 ml 60 ml
Normal 40 ml 40 ml 60 ml
Strong 60 ml 60 ml 60
The average dosage is 40 ml

For convenience of dosing, use a measuring spoon inside the box (1 measuring spoon = 20 ml). A spoon can be returned for recycling to the courier of the online store upon receipt of the next order.


95% of components in the detergent 3 in 1 DeLaMark has a natural origin and undergoes strict control. The ratio of components is optimally chosen to achieve the best result of washing, gentle for man, nature and things:

Component Purpose Content, %
Oxygen bleach The source of atomic (active) oxygen - a strong oxidizer, destroying the spots More than 60
Sodium citrate (sodium citrate) pH adjustment of the washing solution, water softening from 10 to 20
Anionic surfactants Binding of fatty contaminants from 1 to 5

Important! The composition of the 3 in 1 agent based on oxygen bleach from DeLaMark does not include: chlorine, hydrosulfites, phosphates and other phosphorus compounds, fragrances.

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