Royal Powder Baby Powder Laundry Detergent


   Royal Powder Baby Powder phosphate-free laundry detergent was specifically formulated for sensitive baby skin. It has low surfactants content. Contains organic soap. Tough on dirt which can be found on typical baby’s clothes. It leaves a soft baby-powder fresh scent enabling you to feel your baby’s smell. The clothes washed by Royal Powder Baby are safe to your baby’s soft skin.

 Available in: 0,5 kg; 1 kg; 3 kg.





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Royal Powder Baby Powder phosphate-free laundry detergent was specially formulated against the highest needs to safety, because it is designed for washing the newborn baby’s clothes.

Royal Powder Baby powder laundry detergent for babies:

  • Contains up to 98% biodegradable ingredients safe to baby skin. Eco-friendly laundry detergent obtained the “Living Planet” environmental certificate
  • Having several types of surfactants and organic soap in its composition, it easily removes dirt from baby’s clothes;
  • Rinses away properly. Does not leave detergent residues on clothes which may cause irritation of the baby’s skin;
  • Due to natural fragrance leaves baby’s clothes fresh, with no powder scent;
  • Prevent the clothes from fading thereby keeping it last longer.
  • Contains ingredients which reduce detergent’s alkalinity, therefore does not need adding fabric softeners
  • Prevents limescale building-up on the heating elements of washing machine.
  • Is good for both washing lothes by hand or in a washing machine.
  • Has a safe package with a scoop inside the box. Does not result in dust and is easy to use.


Royal Powder Baby Powder phosphate-free laundry detergent is designed for washing baby’s clothes in a machine or by hand at the temperatures from 30 to 95°С.

The average consumption per wash cycle (4-5 kg of laundry) depends on soiling degree and water hardness.

Use the following table to choose the right amount of Powder Baby laundry detergent:

Dosage for one washing cycle (4-5 kg)

Soiling degree

Water hardness (dH)
Soft (0…7°) Medium (7…14°) Hard (14…21°)
Slight 35 ml 45 ml 50 ml
Normal 50 ml 60 ml 70 ml
Heavy 75 ml 90 ml 100 ml
Average dosage – 60 ml

To measure the right dosage use a scoop located inside the box (1scoop = 20 ml).

Let’s compare the consumption of Royal Powder Baby laundry detergent with the consumption of an average commercial detergent. For one average wash cycle, you need 60 ml, or 50 g, of Royal Powder Baby laundry detergent. Thus, one package of detergent is sufficient for 20 laundry loads, or approximately 100 kg (assuming normal soiling, medium water hardness). An average commercial detergent contains 900g of detergent in one package which is sufficient for 6 laundry loads if you use 150g of detergent for one washing cycle. Royal Powder Baby laundry detergent obviously saves you money.


All raw materials used in Royal Powder Baby powder laundry detergent production undergo rigorous quality control. Its components were optimally matched to achieve the best results when washing clothes while being safe to babies and the environment:

Ingredient Content, %
White salt 25-30
Soda ash 20-30
Anionic surfactants  
Baking soda 5-15
Soap from vegetable oil 5-15
Oxygen bleach 5-15
Complexing Less than 5
Citric acid More than 5
Nonionic surfactant vegetable Less than 5
Sodium Silicate Less than 5
Antiresorbent Less than 1
Natural flavor More than 0,15

Important! Royal Powder Baby powder laundry detergent does not contain phosphate or other phosphorus compounds, chloride, zeolites, perfume.

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