Eco-friendly washing powder for white things DeLaMark White


Eco-friendly washing powder DeLaMark White is a new tool for safe washing of white things. It corresponds to the European standards of ecological washing. Contains detergent composition from "green" low-foam surfactants, which are well rinsed and biodegradable. The combination of several water softeners enhances the effect of surfactants and prevents tissue graying due to precipitation of hardness salts. Oxygen bleach safely destroys the colored stains without disturbing the structure of the fibers. Anti-absorbents prevent re-settling of dirt. Perfume composition without pungent fragrances creates a feeling of purity and freshness, but almost does not feel on the laundered things.

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Ecological advantages of detergent powder DeLaMark White are confirmed by international certification according to ISO 14024. It does not contain components of animal origin. It has a concentrated composition without ballast substances, therefore it is economical due to low consumption.

Eco-friendly washing powder for white things DeLaMark White:

  • Has a system of several water softening components that enhance the action of non-aggressive surfactants of plant origin
  • Copes with difficult contaminants, including grease and oil stains, stained with plant and protein origin
  • Excellent rinsing
  • Does not contain SLS, SLES, chlorine, phosphate, phosphonate and zeolite
  • Does not contain ingredients (products) of animal origin
  • Does not have a strong smell, gives a light aroma of cleanliness and freshness
  • Suitable for washing things made of cotton, linen, artificial, synthetic and mixed fabrics (except wool and silk)
  • Helps preserve the shiny whiteness of white things
  • Maximum effective in the temperature range from 40 to 95˚С
  • Has reduced foaming, which prevents the washing machine from going out of service
  • Economically consumed
  • Has a convenient packing with a measuring spoon inside the box


DeLaMark White washing powder concentrate is designed for machine and hand washing of colored things from cotton, linen, synthetic, artificial fabrics, as well as mixed fiber fabrics. Not suitable for woolen and silk products.

Important! Wash children's things apart from the things of adults. To improve the quality of washing, pre-soak baby clothes in lukewarm water or apply a prewash program.

Consumption for one average washing (4-5 kg of laundry) depends on the degree of contamination of things and water hardness. Take into account the type of fabric and its color.

Use the table to choose the right amount of detergent DeLaMark White:

Dosage for one washing cycle (4-5 kg)

Soiling degree

Water hardness (dH)
Soft (0…7°) Medium (7…14°) Hard (14…21°)
Slight 35 ml 45 ml 50 ml
Normal 50 ml 60 ml 70 ml
Heavy 75 ml 90 ml 100 ml
Average dosage – 60 ml

For convenience of dosing, use a measuring spoon inside the box (1 measuring spoon = 20 ml). A spoon can be returned for recycling to the courier of the online store upon receipt of the next order.

On one standard wash, on average 60 ml, or 50 g, of detergent DeLaMark White are consumed. In this case, one package of powder is enough for 20 such washings or up to 30 washes in soft water.


All raw materials for the production of DeLaMark White powder are of European origin and pass strict control. The ratio of components in its composition is optimal for achieving the best washing result and it is safe for human and nature:

Component Purpose Content, %
Sodium carbonate (calcined soda) Creation of alkaline medium for better performance of surfactants, binding of hardness salts to obtain the best wash result from 15 to 30
Salt cooking food (white salt) Creation of ionic strength of solution from 15 to 30
Oxygen bleach The source of atomic (active) oxygen - a strong oxidizer, destroying the spots, has an antibacterial effect from 5 to 15
Soap based on herbal (vegetable) components Surfactant of natural origin, has antimicrobial properties from 5 to 15
Complexifier An organic compound that prevents the deposition of salts, providing water softening and improving the quality of washing from 5 to 15
Alkylpolyglucosides Non-ionic surfactants on plant basis, remove fatty contaminants, well wash off from 1 to 5
Ethoxylated alcohols of vegetable origin Low-foam non-ionic surfactants, enhance wettability, effectively remove complex contaminants at low temperatures from 1 to 5
Sodium silicate Creation of alkaline medium for better work of surfactants, binding of hardness salts for obtaining the best washing result, protecting the washing machine from scale and corrosion of metal parts of the machine. Together with soda and citric acid provides a buffer capacity of the washing solution (the cleaning solution retains a constant alkalinity throughout the washing period). Co-antiresorbent less than or equal to 5
Sodium hydrogencarbonate (food soda) Softens water. Improves washing from 1 to 5
Citric acid Used to remove stains, adjust pH and dissolve lime sediment from 1 to 5
Oxygen bleach activator Biodegradable component for the activation of oxygen bleach at low temperatures. Allows you to lower the temperature of washing from 1 to 5
Sodium Glukonate Derivative of glucose. Organic complexing agent, further softens water and prevents the formation of scale from 1 to 5
Citrate of sodium Citric acid salt. Organic complexing agent, further softens water and prevents the formation of scale from 1 to 5
Polycarboxylates Organic polymer electrolytes, antiresorbents - prevent re-settling of dirt less than or equal to 1
Dye transfer inhibitor Component that slows the washing out of dyes from the surfaces of the fibers less than 1
Enzymes Biotechnology products destroy complex protein and starch contaminants at low temperatures less than 1
Perfume composition The safe freshness of the laundered items less than or equal to 0.15
Optical bleach Dye masking yellowness less than or equal to 0.01

Important! The detergent composition DeLaMark White does not include: phosphates and other phosphorus compounds, chlorine, aggressive surfactants, zeolites, caustic fragrances.

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