Glycerin Laundry Soap for Babies

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If you need to wash your baby clothes quickly without using a washing machine, try the glycerin laundry soap for babies created by De La Mark. This is the best option for laundering and removing stains from your newborn baby’s clothes. It is absolutely safe for the baby’s health, because it does not contain any hazardous ingredients and does not have any scent. Unlike other commercial laundry soaps, the presence of glycerin in this soap does not leave your hands dry.

Laundry soap for babies easily removes various types of stains including: stains from juice, berries, blood, grass, ink, etc. It works well with all types of fabric even with silk to wool.

The lundry soap for babies holds its shape in water, does not crack and is very economical.

The effectiveness and safety of De La Mark and Royal Powder laundry detergents is proven by the "Living Planet" environmental certificate.

Available in: 110 g

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De La Mark’s hypoallergenic glycerin laundry soap for babies was formulated by world-class technologists. By using this soap, parents may be assured that the soap will not harm them, their babies or the environment and will clean all the clothes.

Hypoallergenic laundry soap for babies created by De La Mark saves you money. The bar of soap only weights 110g which makes it very handy to use.

The ingredients in glycerin laundry soap for babies:

  • Safe for washing of infants’ and newborns’ clothes.
  • Tough on dirt and various stains, even in cold water.
  • Unscented and easy to rinse.
  • Gentle to various types of fabric.
  • Moisturize hands during washing.
  • 98% biodegradable which makes the soap eco-friendly.
  • Their safety was confirmed by the “Living Planet” environmental certificate.


For laundry: soak your baby clothes and rub the stains with soap. Rinse with water.

For stain removal: moisten the soap and rub the stains while the clothes are still dry. Leave it for 15 minutes and then properly rinse with water.


All raw materials used in glycerin laundry soap for babies created by De La Mark undergo rigorous quality control. Its components were optimally matched to achieve the best results when washing baby clothes by hand while being safe to humans and the environment:

Ingredient Content, %
Glycerol 25-50
Demineralized water 10-25
Anionic surfactants vegetable  
Nonionic surfactant vegetable  
Soap from vegetable oil  
Coconut and palm oil  
Оptical brightener 0,1-0,5
Natural flavor 0,1-0,5
White salt  

Important! De La Mark’s Hypoallergenic laundry soap for babies does not contain sodium laurel sulfate (SLS), chloride, phosphate, dyes, optical brightening agents, perfume or preservatives.

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