Royal Powder Floral With Woody Notes Fabric Softener


Do you like using fabric softeners? Then try this one!

Concentrated and phosphate-free fabric softener with wooden aroma created by Royal Powder was specifically formulated to give all your clothes a soft texture. It has antibacterial, bactericidal effect and reduces static cling. By using this fabric softener you will enjoy unique scent of spring.

The formula was developed by the best technologists in Ukraine. It is absolutely safe for humans and the environment, because it does not contain any aggressive ingredients. Its safety was certified with the “Living Planet” environmental certificate, which is recognized throughout the whole world!

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Concentrated and phosphate-free Royal Powder fabric softener with wooden aroma was specifically formulated by the world-class technologists. By bringing comfort to your life, you can now have clean clothes all the time. The ingredients of Royal Powder fabric softener with wooden aroma:

  • Work well with all types of fabrics, including silk and wool.
  • Soften just laundered clothes, leaving them soft.
  • Refresh the clothes with gentle smell.
  • 98% biodegradable.
  • Make ironing easier.
  • Fight static cling and bacteria.
  • Pose no risk to children and allergy-prone people.
  • Obtained “Living Planet” environmental certificate.

Concentrated and phosphate-free Royal Powder fabric softener with with wooden aroma was sprcifically formulated to give your clothes soft and delicate feel. Can be used with all types of fabric. Disinfects and refreshens clothes with invigorating fragrance of flowering meadow. Fights static cling and makes the ironing easier.


Concentrated and phosphate-free Royal Powder fabric softener with wooden aroma notes is intended to be added during the final/rinse cycle of machine and at the final stage of washing clothes of all colors and fabric types by hand.

The average consumption per wash cycle (4-5 kg of laundry) depends on soiling degree and water hardness.

Use the following table to choose the right amount of Royal Powder fabric softener with wooden aroma notes:

Dosage for one washing cycle (4-5 kg)

Fabric type

Water hardness (dH)
Soft (0…7°) Medium (7…14°) Hard (14…21°)
Synthetics 10 ml 15 ml 20 ml
Blended 25 ml 30 ml 35 ml
Terry 40 ml 45 ml 50 ml
Average dosage – 30 ml


All raw materials used in Royal Powder fabric softener with wooden aroma notes production undergo rigorous quality control. Its components were optimally matched to achieve the best results when washing clothes while being safe to humans and the environment:

Ingredient Content, %
Demineralized water More than 80
Cationic surfactant 5-15
Citric acid Less than 1
Glycerol Less than 1
Оptical brightener  
Preservative Less than 0,2
Natural flavor More than 0,15

Important! Royal Powder fabric softener with wooden aroma notes does not contain phosphate or other phosphorus compounds, chloride, optical brightening agents, perfume.

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