DeLaMark fabric softener Fragrance Free


DeLaMark fabric softener Fragrance Free is an environmentally friendly detergent for the final washing phase. Has a composition safe for man and nature. Makes washed things soft. It facilitates ironing, does not allow things to be electrified and has an easy disinfecting effect. Suitable for all types of fabrics, for manual and automatic washing.

It does not contain phosphates, and other phosphorus compounds, flavors and aggressive preservatives, as well as components of animal origin and non-biodegradable substances. Certified by the international eco-standard ISO 14024.

Has a low consumption and a large volume of tare with a convenient lid, which allows the remnants of the funds to drain back. One package is enough for an average of 75 applications.

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Concentrated DeLaMark fabric softener is odorless and designed in accordance with European eco-standards, so that clean things give your life even more comfort.

Packing from DeLaMark fabric softener Fragrance Free you can return to the manufacturer for processing.

Choosing DeLaMark fabric softener Fragrance Free, you get:

  • eco-friendly fabric softener for the final washing phase, which does not contain phosphates, silicones, aggressive preservatives and flavoring agents
  • gentle and soft things without residues of detergents and hardness salts
  • washed laundry without "chemical" odor
  • additional disinfection of laundered items
  • non-electrified clothing
  • easier ironing of laundry
  • cost and time savings due to the high concentration of the product and the large volume of packaging


Concentrated eco-friendly DeLaMark fabric softener is created for the final washing phase and hand-washing things of all colors of any kind of fabric.

The consumption for one average washing сycle (4-5 kg of laundry) depends on the hardness of the water and the type of fabric.

Use the table to correctly choose the right amount of DeLaMark fabric softener Fragrance Free:

Dosage for one washing cycle (4-5 kg)

Fabric type

Water hardness (dH)
Soft (0…7°) Medium (7…14°) Hard (14…21°)
Synthetics 10 ml 15 ml 20 ml
Blended 25 ml 30 ml 35 ml
Terry 40 ml 45 ml 50 ml
Average dosage – 30 ml


All raw materials for the production of European origin and pass strict control. The components in its composition are optimally chosen to achieve the best result of washing, gentle for man and nature:

Ingredient Function Content, %
Water demineralized Water, purified from salts and other impurities. Improves the quality of washing More than 80
Cationic surfactants Possess anticorrosive, bactericidal, fungicidal and preservative properties from 5 to 15
Citric acid Regulates acid-alkali balance. Used to remove stains and dissolve calcareous sediment Less than 1
Glycerin distilled Improves wettability of the tissue and promotes a more even distribution of the active substance on the surface of the tissue. Softening and moisturizing the skin Less than 1
Preservative Protection of the agent against microorganisms less than 2
Perfume composition Safe freshness of laundered items Less than 0,1

Important! The composition of DeLaMark fabric softener Fragrance Free does not include: phosphates and other phosphorus compounds, chlorine, optical brighteners and fragrances.

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