Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent

Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent, an all-purpose powder laundry detergent for a demanding washing of white clothes, facilitates in making your just washed clothing soft with no additional efforts. The detergent prevents hardness salts and laundry detergent residues from resetting on the fabric fibers thereby protecting their original white color, so that they remain soft and snow-white. It is effective in stain removing and rinses out properly. It is good for hand washing. This detergent is safe for washing infant’s clothes from one year. It has practically no smell.

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Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent, a phosphate-free concentrated powder laundry detergent, was designed based on innovative technologies for effective and money-saving washing process, for protecting your clothes original whiteness and for being safe to human health and environment.

Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent:

  • Works well with color clothes made of cotton, synthetics, as well as blended fabrics (except for wool and silk)
  • The system of several water softening ingredients leaves the laundry soft without a fabric softener
  • Oxygen bleacher and triple protection from hardness salts, laundry detergent residues and removed soiling from resetting thus preventing the clothes from gray discoloring and making the whites shine white
  • Having soap, nonionic surfactants, oxygen bleach and enzymes (ferments) in its composition, it easily removes tough and stubborn stains of different nature
  • Has a low foam formula and rinses out properly
  • Offers effective washing at temperatures of 30° to 95°C
  • Contains no aggressive ingredients that may have an irritating effect on the skin
  • Prevents limescale building-up on the heating elements of a washing machine
  • No fabric softener is required, thus saving your time and money
  • Applicable for washing of baby’s clothes
  • Has a safe package with a scoop inside the box
  • Not dusty and easy-to-use
  • Being 98% biodegradable, it has no damaging effect on the environment. Eco-friendly laundry detergent obtained the environmental certificate “Living Planet”


The phosphate-free concentrated powder laundry detergent Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent can be used both for hand and machine-washing of white and light-colored clothes made of cotton, linen, synthetics, as well as blended fabrics. Do not use for wool and silk.

Important! Enzymes (ferments) work at the temperatures below 40°С. Therefore, to allow them to act for tough stains removing, soak the clothes in a warm laundry detergent solution or select a prewash program. However, pay attention to fabric type and its color.

The consumption per average wash cycle (4-5 kg of laundry) depends on soiling degree and water hardness.

Use the table to take the right amount of Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent:

Dosage for one washing cycle (4-5 kg)

Soiling degree

Water hardness (dH)
Soft (0…7°) Medium (7…14°) Hard (14…21°)
Slight 35 ml 45 ml 50 ml
Normal 50 ml 60 ml 70 ml
Heavy 75 ml 90 ml 100 ml
Average dosage – 60 ml

To measure the right dosage use a scoop located inside the box (1scoop = 20 ml).

For one average wash cycle, you need 60 ml, or 50 g, of Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent. Thereby one package of powder laundry detergent is enough for 20 of such washing cycles or up to 30 in soft water.


All raw material used for Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent production undergo rigorous quality control. Its components were optimally selected to achieve the best results of washing, safe to clothes, humans and environment:

Ingredient Function Content, %
Sodium carbonate (soda ash) Creates alkalinity providing conditions for surfactants to action effectively, bonds hardness salts for better washing result 15 to 30
Cooking salt Creates ionic strength of solution 15 to 30
Oxygenated bleach Source of atomic (active) oxygen, a strong oxidizing agent that removes stains and has an antibacterial effect 5 to 15
Natural soap Organic surfactant having an antibacterial and antiparasitic properties 5 to 15
Chelator Organic compound preventing salts from depositing, thus softening water and improving the quality of washing process 5 to 15
Organic nonionic surfactants Improve the wettability, effect oil stains removal, provide good rinsability properties less than/ or 5
Sodium silicate Creates alkalinity providing conditions for surfactants to action effectively, bonds hardness salts for better washing result, and protects washing machine from limescale build up and rusting of its metal elements. In combination with soda and citric acid it provides a buffering capacity of a washing solution (i.e. the washing solution keeps an alkalinity at a constant level throughout the washing cycle). Subsidiary anti-redeposition agent less than/ or 5
Sodium hydrogen carbonate (baking soda) Provides softening effect to water. Provides better quality of washing process 1 to 5
Citric acid Provides stain removing, рН adjusting and limescale deposits dissolving 1 to 5
Oxygen bleach activator Biodegradable ingredient providing oxygen bleach activation at low temperatures. Allows lowering the temperature of washing 1 to 5
Polycarboxylates Organic polymer electrolytes, anti-redeposition agents preventing soil from resetting less than/ or 1
Enzymes (ferments) Biological additives enabling removal of tough stains of all kinds less than 1
Natural fragrance Safe freshness of laundry washed less than/ or 0.15
Optical brightening Fabrics color restoration, making them look whiter less than/
agent   or 0.01

Important! Royal Powder White Softening Powder Laundry Detergent does not contain phosphate and other phosphorus compounds, chloride, aggressive surfactants, zeolites, perfumes.

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