Our products are


  • Formulated for powerful results
  • Ecologically certified
  • Have a recyclable package
  • Made out of European components
  • Not tested on animals
  • 98% biodegradable
  • Made in Ukraine
  • Recognized by more than 100 000 customers
  • Produced without affecting environment

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a wide selection of various safe laundry detergents

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cost-effective and powerful solutions for safe home cleaning

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a new line of high-quality, safe products for hair and body care

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De La Mark and Royal Powder offer a selection of safe detergents.

In December 2014 De La Mark’s laundry detergents and household cleaning products obtained environmental certificate, demonstrating the safety of their usage for both people and nature.

The quality of De La Mark products is the company’s hallmark. We are sure that our customers will experience it firsthand. Try usingphosphate-free powder and liquid laundry detergents of Royal Powder trademark, to make your family clothes, both the children’s and adults’ clothes, look good. Royal Powder. fabric softeners will add extra softness to your favorite clothes. De La Mark cleaners will deliver shine to your kitchen, bathroom or toilet room with minimum efforts without causing harm to your health. Feel the difference between dishwashing liquid with essential oils created by De La Mark and the liquid you used prior to it. We hope you will love De La Mark products as much as we and other enthusiasts of safe cleaning do.